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Get your collection of famous Asian recipes such as famous Indian recipes, famous Thai recipes, famous Korean recipes and famous Vietnamese recipes.

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101AsianRecipes.Com gives you the ultimate collection of free Asian Recipes. You can find a complete Asian recipe collection of famous Asian cooking recipe, Asian cuisine recipe and Asian food recipe. We will teach you how use famous Asian food ingredients and fresh Asian herbs to cook authentic Asian foods.


All the Asian recipes here are easy to cook Asian recipes and easy to prepare Asian recipes which are well written and easy to follow. Use this Asian cooking tips and free recipes from Asia to savor the most incredible taste of Asian cooking. The true strength of Asian cuisines lies in its diverse background and the enthusiasm of Asians to embrace new tastes and ingredients.


We give you the best Asian recipes and top Asian recipes which are also economical recipes, simple to cook recipes, easy to cook Asian recipes and traditional Asian recipes. You can find all your favorite Asian recipes here. To achieve the maximum flavor and aroma in your Asian food, try to obtain whole herbs and fresh spices and grind them before cooking. Now you can cook your favorite Asian cuisine by using these famous Asian food recipes whereby these free food recipes from Asia and cooking recipes from Asia are being handed down from generation to generation. Use these chicken recipes, Asian dessert recipes, grilled recipes, sushi recipes and vegetarian recipes to prepare yourself for an unforgettable mouth-watering experience.

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Famous Asian Cuisine Recipes And Asian Recipes To Cook Authentic Asian Cuisines


You can use these free Asian recipes to cook different types of famous Asian cuisines. Asian cuisine recipe can be divided into various styles due to the different customs and various cultures adopted by the people living in each of these different regions in Asia. What are the main types of Asian cuisine? The famous East Asian cuisine is mostly made up of Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine while another popular type of Asian cuisine is the Southeast Asian cuisine which is made up of Brunei cuisine, Burmese cuisine, Cambodian cuisine, Filipino cuisine, Indonesian cuisine, Laos cuisine, Malaysian cuisine, Singaporean cuisine, Thai cuisine and Vietnamese cuisine. Authentic South Asian cuisine consist of Indian cuisine, Pakistan cuisine and Sri Lanka cuisine while Central Asian cuisine and Middle Eastern cuisine made up the rest of the different types of Asian cuisine. brings to you some of the most exotic and exquisite recipes that Asia has to offer and gives you a good selection of Asian recipes for you to cook Asian food at home. Be the first to find out about the newest cooking tips, popular Asian cuisine, food tips, quick and easy Asian recipes and famous Asian recipes by subscribing to out Asian food blog now.


Asian Food Ingredients To Cook Asian Food


To cook traditional and authentic Asian food, you will need to use the finest and freshest Asian ingredient. For example, to produce the most delicious Japanese cuisine, the freshest fish is used to make Japanese sushi. Asian cooking preparation uses the finest cooking herbs and Asian spices and sauces, fresh condiments and vegetables. Some of the most common Asian ingredients will give you authentic Asian dishes. The different methods of Asian cooking allow for the easy substitution of Asian food ingredients. The best part about Asian recipes is that if a required cooking ingredient is not easily available, you can always choose a substitute ingredient that can easily retain the character of the dish. All the detailed Asian recipes here is a beguiling window onto the Asian food culture and will be a source of inspiration to every food lover.


Cooking Equipment And Cooking Utensils For Cooking Asian Cuisine


Many types of cooking equipment and cooking utensils are required when cooking Asian cuisine. When you are cooking Asian food, you will notice that you will be introduced to a wide range of cooking methods, cooking tools and combinations of ingredients to improve the flavor of the the food. Having the correct and proper Asian kitchen cookware is essential when using these Asian recipes. Having a wok and mortar and pestle is a must-have equipment for cooking Asian food. A wok can be used for deep-frying, pan-frying, steaming, stewing and stir-frying. The bamboo steamer and clay pot are also important cooking tools for Asian cooking. Saute pan, sauce pan, sauce pot, stockpot, frying pan, rice cooker, pressure cooker and boning knives may be required very often when you are cooking cuisine from Asia. Food thermometers and cooking thermometers are among the most essential food preparation equipment. gives you the most comprehensive information on Asian ingredients, substitutes and cooking techniques besides all the easy Asian recipes for casual dining and entertaining.


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