Sushi Rice Recipe

Sushi Rice recipe or vinegared rice recipe or sumeshi recipe is the most important Japanese recipe because you need sushi rice in all sushi recipes. Learning how to make sushi rice is the first thing you must do when you want to make sushi. The rice to make sushi vinegar rice must be carefully chosen, prepared, cooked and seasoned. Sumeshi must be perfectly white and almost translucent, and must have the sweet smell of soft vinegar. The secret of cooking the perfect vinegared rice is that each grain should be independent enough to be tasted and appreciated individually. Koshihikari and Sasanishiki are two varieties of rice which are most valued when you are following the vinegar rice recipe.

Sushi Rice - Sushi Recipes

Ingredients for sushi rice recipe / Ingredients for vinegared rice recipe

  • 480 g rice
  • 100 ml rice vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 550 ml water
  • sushi-su (sushi vinegar)
  • 1 tablespoon salt

How to make Sushi Rice / How to make Vinegared Rice

  • wash the rice in a saucepan
  • add in one-and-a-half of its volume of water and cover the saucepan
  • bring water to the boil on maximum temperature
  • when water is boiled, lower the temperature of the heat to medium for five minutes
  • after five minutes, lower the temperature to a very low heat
  • allow rice to simmer for fifteen minutes as per the vinegar rice recipe
  • then turn heat to high for ten seconds to create a lot of steam
  • remove the saucepan from the heat as per the vinegar rice recipe
  • wait for twelve minutes before taking the lid off as per the sushi rice recipe
  • this is to allow the rice to absorb the steam totally and becomes swollen and soft
  • if there is still some water on the surface when you raise the lid, put the lid back on
  • wait for ten minutes to let the rice absorb all the steam as per the sushi rice recipe
  • dissolve salt and sugar in the vinegar as per the vinegared rice recipe
  • once rice is cooked, remove the hot rice from the saucepan to a big bowl or ohitsu
  • cut the rice by running the edge of a round wooden spatula across the rice
  • add in small quantity of the vinegar mixture
  • fan the rice to air it as per the sumeshi recipe
  • it is important to air the rice as fast as possible while spreading the vinegar seasoning evenly
  • this makes the water to evaporate faster
  • you now have your sushi vinegar rice or sushi rice ready to make your favorite sushi

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